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NNG is a global company that develops the next generation of navigation and delivers comprehensive technology solutions including prototyping and automotive cyber security solutions for the biggest automotive companies around the world. We work with the best map and content providers to improve the lives of people in as many countries as possible. With 12 offices and 4 auxiliary offices on 6 continents, and with nearly 1,000 employees globally, we’ve mapped over 190 countries. Our technologies are offered in 50 languages.

As the developer of iGO Navigation, we thrive to make people’s daily lives easier, by helping them reach their destination quickly and safely.

Diversity is one of our core principles – whether it’s the partners we work with, the places we ship our products to, the people we hire, or the work we do. Our award-winning strategy helped us become the fastest growing company in Europe in 2014.



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If you would like to be a partner in organizing the conference, please, contact Csilla Kohl (csilla.kohl@hstqb.com).

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