Hungarian Software Testing Forum5th annual international conference BudapestNovember 18-19, 2015

Kristóf Szabados

Ericsson Hungary Ltd., Senior software developer

Kristóf Szabados photo

Kristóf Szabados has a decade of experience on building tools for testers. He is a PhD student with the interest in understanding the properties of large scale test systems.

About the Presentation

Developing and Testing at Large Scale

The authors discuss their empirical observations related to the evolution of a large automated test system. They show (1) how different changes during the development have affected the internal quality of the test system, (2) how different participants (developers, testers, managers, technical writers) are able to work together during the creation and delivery of software products.

The authors present that the examined system follows similar growth trends as usual software systems and their internal architecture is governed by similar rules.

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