Hungarian Software Testing Forum5th annual international conference BudapestNovember 18-19, 2015

Gábor Dusha - Kiss

EPAM / Software Testing

Gábor Dusha - Kiss photo

In the last 15 years Gábor was fortunate to play several roles in the software testing and software quality assurance areas at well-known multinational software and telecom companies. He has spent 7 years leading test and test automation teams, 2 years in QA consultancy supporting different project within EPAM. Last year he has slightly moved away from the QA world to delivery and people management, but still actively involved in perfecting and outlining the direction of software testing at our company.

He is a passionate motivator who contributes to mentoring and education, loves to train people, help and see them grow to professionals.

About the Presentation

Future of Testing

Software testing has been evolving greatly, and test engineers need to adapt to these changes from time-to-time. It’s an exhausting process, which can become much easier, if we manage to identify the trends, predict the future and take the necessary steps on time.

At EPAM Hungary, there are hundreds of highly educated testers nowadays. In this presentation, we will show our audience how EPAM reacted to these changes in the past, what trends we see and how we prepare for the future.

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