Hungarian Software Testing Forum5th annual international conference BudapestNovember 18-19, 2015

Tamás Kőhegyi

EPAM, Director / Software Testing

Tamás Kőhegyi photo

Graduated as Electrical Engineer in 1995. Worked for various companies in Hungary and abroad before he joined EPAM in 2002. He has been working in several areas, including testing and project management. Since 2009 he works as Director, Software Testing, focusing on test automation and test tools.

About the Presentation

Transparent Proxy and Service Stub: Wilma

Wilma is an innovative testing tool that provides solution to test situations when several components (even microservices) are used together those communicate with each-other using HTTP/S protocol. It is a Transparent Proxy that is combined with a Service Stub and sits between the services. Good for stubbing, good for troubleshooting. It can be used in both Java and .NET development environment. It is open sourced so freely available for use and for further enhancement/adaptation by anybody.

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