Hungarian Software Testing Forum5th annual international conference BudapestNovember 18-19, 2015

György Bekes

EPAM, Project Manager

György Bekes photo

Gyorgy Bekes has been working for EPAM for 7 years now and 12 years in the IT sector – having hands-on experience with Waterfall and Agile methodologies in different industries: e.g.  Research & Development in healthcare, web application development in Travel & Hospitality.  During this time he has been active in several different roles: started working as developer and focused on technologies, then moved to lead roles and he is working as a Project Manager now with motivation on optimizing delivery process, ensuring high quality delivery and helping the professional development of his colleges he is working with.

About the Presentation

Another way of Quality Assurance: Engineer role

Nowadays it is a hot topic to reduce the time to market and every company that wants be competitive, seek after introducing continuous delivery. In the last decade we have witnessed a couple of change in paradigm, like moving to Agile from Waterfall; moving from independent developer and QA teams to cross-functional teams. The industry investigates time to time where the bottlenecks and pitfalls in project realization are.

There are preconceptions about developers and test engineers that everybody knows, for example: “a developer cannot be a good tester” or a “test automation engineer cannot be a good coder working on production code”. With one of the leading travel companies we work with, we decided to refute these preconceptions and dissolved the silos of developers and QAs and having now cross-functional team members called Engineers. This presentation will show you a case study about transitioning a classical team to work with Engineers including an overview about initial expectations and what we achieved; revealing what difficulties we have faced on this long journey and what solutions we applied; answering the question how a former developer can be a good tester; showing how the education of the formerly called developers had to be changed; revealing how the role of the QAs are changing afterwards.

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