Hungarian Software Testing Forum5th annual international conference BudapestNovember 18-19, 2015

György Réthy, PhD

Ericsson Hungary Ltd., Technical Product Manager

György Réthy, PhD photo

Defended his Ph.D. Thesis in 1990. In early 90s he was the technical coordinator of ISDN introduction in Hungary, where he also lead the acceptance testing, UE type approval and end-to-end testing of international ISDN connections.

In 1999 he joined ConformanceLab in Ericsson R&D in Hungary. He led the project developing conformance test for mobile 3G switching centers. Later has been appointed the technical product manager of the Test Competence Center of Ericsson.

For the past 25 years he is actively participating in international standardization. From 2014 he is the vice-chairman of the ETSI technical body Methods for Testing and Specification (MTS). For 13 years he is being member of the ETSI project developing the testing language TTCN 3, for the last 5 years he is the project leader.

Expert in specification and testing languages as ASN.1, XSD, JSON and TTCN-3 and testing methodologies.

About the Presentation

Test automation as a service – a smart way to make automated testing more efficient

Test automation is known to require considerable initial investment, big part of which is the time to set up the test environment. When working in a cloud environment, this initial investment may even significantly increase, if the cloud setup is also becoming the responsibility of the testing team(s).

In Ericsson a flexible SaaS platform for testing, called Test Automation as a Service (TAaaS), has been developed. TAaaS is able to calculate the optimal workflow to install and configure any combinations of end-target tools and SW (test) frameworks, and execute the workflow from zero (i.e. creation of the VM) until the target workspace ready to be used. Users access it via a web-based UI.

TAaaS decreases the creation of testing workspaces from several hours to 5-15 minutes, depending on the complexity of the requested workspace, and as additional benefit eliminates human errors.

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