Hungarian Software Testing Forum5th annual international conference BudapestNovember 18-19, 2015

Zoltán Kundra

National Instruments, Quality Analyst Lead

Zoltán Kundra photo

Zoltán Kundra has 8+ years’ experience with National Instruments in software testing & test automation. He has developed testing methodologies and created standards and procedures for quality assurance.  Zoltan regularly teaches a software testing and test automation course at the University of Debrecen in Hungary. Contact Zoltán at

About the Presentation

Why are we failing with Test Automation?

Test Automation has always been and will be a special area within software testing. A well-defined process helps companies to achieve success in making testing effective soon investing in test automation. But we all know that maintaining processes requires a lot of effort and unfortunately sometimes it is hard to avoid failures. The presentation is about a personal experience which can help the audience to recognize those areas where test automation requires more attention in order to be a success.

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