Hungarian Software Testing Forum5th annual international conference BudapestNovember 18-19, 2015

Levente Németh

Nokia, R&D team leader / System Verification

Levente Németh photo

Started his career at Nokia R&D (previously: Nokia Siemens Networks) in 2008 and worked as a telecom application functional tester for 2 years. Upon joining System Verification team he took the role of test automation engineer and spent over 4 years with mobile terminal steering, automation framework maintenance and development.

Currently working as a test automation team leader at Nokia Networks.

About the Presentation

Keyword driven testing in theory & practice

Keyword driven testing is a testing technique that completely separates the test code from the actual test design. This allows tests to be developed earlier in the software SLDC and makes the test cases easier to understand and maintain which are key factors in TDD and ATDD.

This presentation is a kind of ‘HOW-TO’ including a ‘WHAT’ and a ‘HOW’ part:

  • ‘WHAT’ part introduces the main principles of keyword driven test approach: starting from the basis of this method it describes the concept and the logic behind this technique. The presentation also covers the levels of test code encapsulation and also negotiates the pros and cons of using keyword driven testing.
  • ‘HOW’ part shows keyword driven testing technique in everyday use via the features of robot framework (that is an open source test automation framework). This case study shows how the work can be spitted between automation engineers and test engineers by utilizing keyword driven approach. This part also covers the structure of a real test case, the built-in and custom libraries and the possibilities of designing and implementing of own libraries in order to have a tailor made automation solution for the test team.

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