Hungarian Software Testing Forum5th annual international conference BudapestNovember 18-19, 2015

Adorján Korényi

Head of E2E Verification, Nokia Networks

Adorján Korényi photo

Adorján is Head of E2E Verification in Nokia Networks, graduated in University of Veszprém and got second diploma in Central European University, in IT management. He is with Nokia since year 2000, has been working in various technical, management and leadership positions in product development, customer services and system testing areas. Currently leading the organization responsible for end to end testing of Nokia’s Core Network elements and acting as internal advisor at Product Line test laboratories. His motto is “Osu, no seichin”.

About the Presentation

Are you ready to test 5G?

This presentation is about Nokia’s technology vision for 2020, the exciting future world of diverse services and use cases over a reinvented mobile network with extreme high bandwidth and almost zero latency. To realize this vision with supreme quality, beside the technology, testing also needs to go through a revolution.

What are the challenges arriving to testers’ table? Do we need to transform to keep up with next generation network?

Ready? Steady? 5G!

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