Zsombor Csépe


My name is Zsombor Csépe, born in 1986.12.16. at Szentes, Hungary. Currently I am working as the Product Owner of the Continuous Integration team and as the Test Architect of the Siemens AI Portfolio. I finalized my master’s degree of Informatics technologist in the University of Szeged at 2013. I have started to work as Software Engineer at 2009 in Szeged, and then I joined to Evosoft Hungary Kft. at 2010 as Integration Engineer to the IOWA Project. In my first years at Evosoft I became a Certified ISTQB tester and already started to make some standardization in the test libraries we have used in our test framework. In 2014/2015 I worked as Lead Software Engineer with a small test group and continued my test skill improvement by obtaining ISTQB Advance Level Test Analyst and Test Manager certification with the Agile Tester extension. In 2015/2016 I decided to go in the Test Architect direction so I started to learn about Software Architecture and became an Evosoft Certified Software Architect. In parallel I began to work as Test Architect in the same Project. As Test Architect at 2017 I have reformed the test implementation concept, in the IOWA project successfully. With this new approach we could spare a lot of test implementation effort, and it was a big success as the same concept is still in use (even thought I left the project). At 2018 I participated in the Siemens Test Architect Expert training, and became a Siemens Certified Test Architect. In 2020 I got the opportunity to join the Siemens newly initiated AI Portfolio as Test Architect with the goal to build up the test environment from scratch for all the projects inside the portfolio.
Presentation: Test smarter not harder, standardized test framework – It is for you!


Lot of unnecessary effort is spent to create and maintain test systems created by individual projects. Most of these test frameworks are built up in the same way.

Besides it is very time consuming and inefficient to share test cases or test units among projects as a completely different framework needs to be understood a by the other project. Finally, the test units cannot be reused right away as it needs to be reimplemented in the framework used by the other project.

The solution for these problems is to have a common test framework package which can be used by each (individual) project, maintained and improved by the tester community, based on the customers need, and the newest trends.

So the main message of the session is to standardize as much as possible among project to reduce costs. Besides, the concrete solution, which is going to be introduced in the session is already proven and successfully used by more and more project at Evosoft. This solution can be reused by everyone as the package is built up from commercial (mostly open source) software.