Zoltán Micskei
Budapest University of Technology (HU)


Zoltán Micskei, PhD is an associate professor at the Budapest University of Technology. He has more than 15 years’ experience in research and teaching. His main research area is software testing, specializing in model-based and code-based test generation. His goal is to produce advanced, but practical testing tools. You can find more details on his work at http://mit.bme.hu/~micskeiz
Tutorial: Model-based testing: a hands-on tutorial with GraphWalker


Can we really generate automated, useful tests from models? Is model-based testing (MBT) a practical testing technique supported by open-source tools, and not some obscure academic topic or science fiction? With this tutorial, I hope to convince you that the answer is yes to both questions, and MBT is a valuable addition to your testing repertoire. We will start from the basics and get familiar with the typical model-based test generation workflow. Next, we will work on a case study to learn how to model the system under test using state machine models. We will be able to execute these models and generate numerous test sequences with the help of the open-source GraphWalker tool. Finally, we will automate our generated tests by writing a small adapter code that calls the system under test. To complete the tutorial, you only need to be familiar with basic test techniques and concepts and have some Java programming experience.