Gold Partner of HUSTEF 2024


ZEISS Group is one of the world’s leading technology companies. For more than 175 years, the company has been shaping technological progress, advancing the world of optics with solutions from its four segments and meeting its customers needs.

ZEISS Digital Innovation Hungary Kft.’s mission is to translate their technology know-how into sustainable digital solutions to realize health innovations and meeting the specific needs of the medical technology and diagnostics industries, and to respond to the growing demand for digital solutions in manufacturing.

Key areas
– Providing software support for the technological development of semiconductor
– Developing innovative manufacturing support solutions using Cloud IoT technology.
– Offering services which include designing, building, testing and operating digital health
software across three solution domains: medical device software and connectivity, health
software applications, medical data platform.
– Specialization in addressing unique requirement of medical technology and diagnostics
sectors conform standards and regulated environments.

QA solutions and services are woven into all four key areas in order to meet the required quality and performance to deliver effective, reliable, accurate, and optimal results.