Wim Demey


For more than 22 years Wim Demey has been active in software testing and has evolved to a generalist covering different aspects and roles within testing. Driven by versatility and a great eagerness to learn new things, Wim is always looking how and where he can stretch his comfort zone to manage new challenges. He has a special interest in more technical topics like performance testing, test management tools and AI. Wim is a regular speaker at (inter)national test conferences & seminars.
Presentation: Is survival of the fittest only for the fastest?


Test automation, continuous integration, pipelines… the need for speed has just exponentially increased over the last decade. Applying Darwin’s theory, it is quite simple: only the fittest –in this case the fastest- will survive. Traditional, manual testers are like a rhinoceros… in danger of extinction.
This talk explains why manual, “slow” testing is still there and has survived all fast rages. Of course, this cannot be realized without some specific survival techniques. What do you think of transforming a T-shaped tester in a NoSheep tester. What about skills like “Get a Fika”, “Think glocally” or “CRUD the crap”.
Wim brings you a light-weight talk based on his 2 decades testing experiences.