Vojtěch Barta


Vojtěch Barta has been in the area of Quality Assurance for 12 years. His motto is “Quality as the satisfaction of all stakeholders” when the whole team needs to be aligned with it. He has worked in several different roles like QA, Tester, Lead of QA department, Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Mentor, Trainer, etc. Vojtěch has a good understanding of and experience with Agile development, mainly with Scrum and Kanban. He is open-minded and always thinks in the context of each particular project applying his experience to achieve the project goals without compromising the quality of the delivery. He worked on multicultural projects, both distributed and collocated. Quality Assurance is far more than only testing. However, testing is an important piece of the puzzle. Vojtěch likes a balance between structured and unstructured testing when effective test automation is the key to success. The main focus has to be on Defect prevention and delivering real value.
Presentation: Effective Reporting – back to the roots


All testing is exploratory. It is about exploring the software but not only the software itself. We have to explore involved people, their needs, motivations, relationships. Every exploration is about learning and the result of any learning is usually something you want to report about.

If we understand Quality as the satisfaction of everybody who matters than I understand reporting as the way how to share not only my learnings but also my opinions, feelings, and emotions. Subjectivity and objectivity have to be in good balance, when they are not, satisfaction cannot be achieved, because satisfaction is quite subjective.

I will guide you through the basic principles and foundations of effective reporting and you can apply this learning to any reporting and it will challenge you to do it in the way to make the real impact.

Our main learning and mantra will be: Every report is prepared for particular stakeholder(s) to deliver expected information in the most efficient way to address emotions and evoke feelings with the goal to trigger action that leads to the desired impact.