Vipin Jain
Metacube Software (IN)


Vipin Jain has got 22 year experience in the IT industry. He has accumulated a deep knowledge in software projects, their methodologies and quality. He has dedicated the last 17 years of his professional career to Software Quality. Currently working with Metacube Software as Head QA and Delivery, he is involved in establishing QCE at his company and is heading the delivery operations. An avid Speaker and writer, he loves speaking at conferences and delivered many presentations at national and international levels. The conferences include AgileTestingDays Germany, TestingUnited Vienna and Prague, TestingUY Uruguay, Testcon Lithuania, BTC Serbia, TestingCup Poland, QA&Test, Spain, ExpoQA Spain, World Testing Conference in Bangalore and various other national conferences. He has a proven record of implementing and refining test processes for various clients across the globe.
The three faces of IoT Ecosystem – Good, Bad & Ugly 


We all have seen IoT as a technology which is growing even beyond the connectivity of devices to the internet. Everything can be connected now. From the smart watch on my hand to the consumer machines in kitchen, IoT is everywhere. Prefix the name with “Smart” and we talk about transformation from a device to a “Connected” device. Now the IoT platform has got mechanical components into its ecosystem. The engine in my car can collect and send important data to servers in the cloud.  The popularity of Google Home and Amazon Echo has shown how deep IoT has entered inside our lives. This is the GOOD part of IoT. 

As the importance of any new technology grows, it is imperative to weigh the benefits as well as the risks of using it. Growing popularity has also caused lots of serious security loopholes and that’s where the BAD and UGLY parts show up.  With IoT sensors present everywhere, often people think that their privacy has been compromised and has become vulnerable. Can we testers and IT professionals do something here?

In my talk, I will share my views on how to get the best of GOOD IoT while making sure the BAD and UGLY sides remain in check and controlled. Couple of examples I have picked from a real life project will help you understand the pitch of this talk.