Tutorial Programme

3rd November

Tutorial Day

Half day tutorials: start at 2.00 p.m. (CET)

Full day tutorial: start at 9.30 a.m. (CET) 

Our Speakers personally explain why it’s worth staying with us:


Emily Bache

One day tutorial: Approval Testing for automated testing components, services and APIs

Participant limit: 16


Janet Gregory

Half day tutorial: A Whole Team Approach to Testing in Continuous Delivery

Participant limit: 15


Michael Bolton

Half day tutorial: Analysis for Testers

Participant limit: 50


Paul Gerrard

Half day tutorial: Leadership in Test: Strategy

Participant limit: –





Andrew Birkholz & Rick Faulise

Half day tutorial: Introduction to AI for Testing

Participant limit: 50


Gáspár Nagy

Half day tutorial: Living Documentation with BDD: Structure, Consistency, Traceability

Participant limit: 30


Jennifer Bonine

Half day tutorial: Testing Leadership IQ

Participant limit: 75


Szilárd Széll

Half day tutorial: Pipeline design game – Powered by Eficode

Participant limit: 20


Zoltán Micskei

Half day tutorial: Model-based testing: a hands-on tutorial with GraphWalker

Participant limit: 20


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