Bronze Partner of HUSTEF 2021


TIGRA IT Group is one of the key representatives of the Hungarian ICT sector with 20 years of professional experience, 330 professional employees and more than 100 subcontractors.

Tigra Group is one of the most important actors of the Hungarian ICT market. Its portfolio extends from the fundraising (EU tenders), through the IT and management consultancy, and hardware distribution, to the introduction of out-of-the-self software or custom-made software.

Since 1996 it has served its clients coming from both sectors, private and public. This is the open source software development that brought fame to the company with a yearly turnover of more than 30 million USD.

Beside its Hungarian and USA clients the Finnish Telco giant Nokia and the German market leader Deutsche Telecom also regularly paid for Tigra’s services.

The key export products of the company are the following:

  • Software development,
  • IT Consultancy,
  • IT infrastructure support,
  • System Implementation and Project Management.