Bronze Partner of HUSTEF 2024


Since 2016, TestIT has been dedicated to supporting, testing, and coordinating enterprise IT developments. We excel in developing enterprise-level testing methodologies and automating business processes to meet diverse client needs.


We design and implement comprehensive testing methods, provide necessary training, and deploy essential tools. Our services include planning and executing trainings, presentations, and documentation for effective change management.


Specializing in both manual and automated testing, we tailor our approach to customer requirements, achieving faster execution, easy maintenance, and cost-effective solutions.

Responding to market trends, we developed a live system process automation capability. Using robots, we handle repetitive tasks while adhering to legal and security standards.


By 2024, our team grew to nearly 100 employees, expanding our international operations. Also in the same year, we launched the AiIT division, leveraging AI to enhance efficiency, profitability, and competitiveness for large enterprises. Thanks to our new AI&Data Officer, who brings over two decades of experience in data management and AI, we now offer top-tier expertise in AI and data strategy.

At TestIT, our commitment is to innovation and delivering reliable results, ensuring we meet the evolving needs of our clients.