Bronz Partner of HUSTEF 2022


We support, test and coordinate enterprise IT developments since 2016. With the team of more than 70 professionals we develop enterprise-level testing methodologies and automate business processes. TestIT designs and implements company-level testing methods, develops colleagues and
implements the required testing and ticketing tools. Furthermore, we support the planning and execution of courses and presentations, preparing documentations, thus implementing the effective change management.

In addition to the manual testing tasks, we also perform automated testing, using tools and methods depending on the customer’s requirements. By automating the testing process, we achieve much faster test execution and easily maintained, well-reported, cost-effective software testing.

As a result of growing market expectations and trends, we have built a live system process automation competence based on our automation experience. We execute repetitive, algorithmic manual tasks with robots developed for this purpose, keeping in mind the legal and security expectations and regulations of the clients.