Tanvi Nanda
ITQAworld (UK)


A thought leader and a coach with nearly 2 decades of software test automation & delivery experience. I have worked with reputable companies to build the quality mindset from the very beginning of the product development.

About the Presentation

“From Bugs to Brilliance: How Zero Bug Policy Drives Innovation”: Strategies and Best Practices
Session Speech


In today’s commercial environment, the need to provide high-quality products quickly and effectively has never been greater. It can be a huge challenge, but there is one solution that can help to overcome it – the Zero Bug Policy.

However, while moving fast track Agile product development, implementing this policy effectively across the entire organization can be a complex and challenging task. But with the right strategies, ideas and mindset it can be brought to fruition.

I will share real-time examples and experiences where it improved product quality massively and automation could be achieved with the help of “Zero Bug Policy”