Tamás Béla Darvay


Darvay Tamás Béla is a System Test Architect and a Subteam Lead for the S7-1500 CPU Project at evosoft Hungary Kft. Born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, he moved to Budapest after obtaining his bachelor’s degree. During his first years at evosoft he also obtained his master’s degree in electrical engineering and a few years later he obtained the ISTQB Test Manager degree. Considering himself an energetic test enthusiast, he is always open for new challenges and innovations. When he is not testing or reporting, he gives speeches in the firm's Toastmasters club called evoTalk, sings in a choir and plays computer games. You can reach him at tamas.darvay@evosoft.com.
Presentation: Challenges and difficulties of HW testing in a SW world


9 out of 10 people when they hear the word test, they immediately think of software testing. Even in the ISTQB training you don’t hear about it too frequently. Get insights about hardware testing and our approach to test automation and exploratory testing. How did our test process evolve over the years? What techniques and tools do we use? How do we handle customer problem reports? What changes does the future hold?

Beside answering these questions, I would like to invite you all on a journey of real-life experiences, bumpy roads and how we tackled them, embracing the changes along the way.