Szilárd Széll
eficode (FL)


Szilard is a Senior Consultant of DevOps Practice for Telco Business at Eficode. Szilard has a proven track record in large scale Telco DevOps Transformation Programs, He is also an assessor, trainer, facilitator and coach in anything Testing. As a SAFe 5.1 SPC He is running successful training and coaching sessions. As a conference speaker Szilard is ready to share his view and knowledge with Testing Fellows, that is based on 22 years of industry experience and multitude of certificates held. To give back to the Testing Community, Szilard is active in ISTQB. He is also an active member of HUSTEF, UCAAT and TheDevOps Conferences Programme Committee, and in 2021 He was part of the PC of EuroSTAR.

About the Presentation

The 3-pillar, balanced quality model of Proactive QA, Detective QA and Reactive QA

I have been telling my testing and quality stories for 15 years on stage, based on 24 years experience and studying Frameworks, methods, models and practices. Beginning of the year my line manager told me to create a 1 slide Quality Model, that can be used to communicate the advance of the profession, the used practices and tools, and the mindsets needed to drive high quality within the organisations to achieve Business Agility.

Looking into my past presentations, study materials, certifications and heated discussion with my colleagues, I started to work on a combined view.

At HUSTEF, I would like to walk the audience through this model, highlighting the dimensions it cover, the practices it contain, the mindset it needs, and the tools to rely on to reach the holy grail of Business Agility.

I will share the three pillars of the model:
– Proactive Quality Practices – Service Design and Agile practices for built-in Quality
– Detective Quality Practices – the safety of Continuous Testing that shall provide fast feedback
– Reactive Quality Practices – the practices and channels of Observability and IT Service Management to amplify learning

I will challenge the practices of continuous testing as relying only on Test Automation is not an option, but highlighting the opportunities given by Shift Left, and Shift Right practices even on the far edges.

I will challenge leaders to point on their duties to set balanced quality goals and supporting the needed mindset in the organisation. They shape the culture through their behaviour, so they must know what they shall do

I will challenge predefined Quality Strategy documents to highlight the need for a common developer platform that makes quality processes unavoidable, that mandates quality practices and that documents the Quality Strategy as code.

All in all, I will share the practices in all the 3 pillars that helps businesses to build high quality products and services, describe the foundation needed, and the role of leadership to achieve Business Agility.