Steve Watson
Octopus Investments (UK)


Steve is Head of Quality Engineering at Octopus Investments, where he is responsible for the testing approach across five product teams. He has been in Testing for a number of years working in a diverse range of industries, and has written articles, blogs and spoken at many conferences. Outside of work, Steve presents a weekly Sunday afternoon radio show on a local station in the south of England.
We have health checks for our bodies – so why not for our testing processes?


We service our cars, our heating systems and have health checks for our bodies – so why not our testing processes?

We had the opportunity to have an independent audit (or health check) performed on our testing by an outside consultancy, and decided that an unbiased view of our testing capability would be very helpful.

In this talk I will share with you how we performed the audit, reviewed the outcomes, what we decided to implement and our progress so far with our short, medium and long term goals.