Sowmya Sridharamurthy
Kiwa (NL)


Sowmya Sridharamurthy is a seasoned product quality leader currently working as Engineering Manager- quality at Lytho. With 16 years of experience handling products right from inception to delivery, she has worked on diverse software solutions- ERP, SAAS, Mobile Apps, and Web applications. She has a proven track record of successful implementations of result-driven test processes. Mentors teams in building effective strategies and implementations to achieve ROI through test automation. Being an Accessibility advocate, Sowmya is keen on driving inclusive software development. Sowmya is an active community builder and runs the “APIans” meet-up group from Amsterdam.

About the Presentation

Elevating User Experience through Effective UX Testing Strategies
Session Speech


Any software application must have a positive user experience to succeed. However, designing a good user experience can be difficult, particularly because customer expectations are always changing. Effective testing techniques are one of the cornerstones to developing a positive user experience. In this session, I will be presenting the value of user experience testing and looking at the various testing methods.

In the first part of the session, I will cover the fundamentals of user experience testing as well as the various forms of testing that are available. We will then delve further into usability, learnability, accessibility, and emotional reaction, which are the four main tenets of user experience testing. We’ll look at how to assess, test, and improve each of these pillars to produce a better user experience.

We’ll also talk about

  • typical issues that come up when testing the user experience
  • Advice for overcoming these difficulties
  • The analysis and interpretation of user comments.
  • Guidelines for conducting user experience tests

The necessity of user experience testing will be better understood by attendees, and they will go home with doable tactics for introducing successful testing practices into their workplaces.

Key Takeaways:

  • A solid understanding of user experience testing
  • Principles and pillars of UX testing
  • Building UX test strategy
  • User feedback interpretation
  • Some tips on Customer interviews