Sophie Küster
cronn (DE)


As a child, Sophie wanted to be a ballerina or an astronaut. Or both. Today, holding diplomas in math and yodeling, she's a test automation engineer / conference speaker / Jane-of-all-trades at cronn. No stranger to the universe’s gut punches, she is passionate about improving awareness and communication about mental health and self-care. When she's not busy testing, you can find her on a SUP, in a tent or at a ballet barre. Sadly, never in a spaceship.

About the Presentation

The Impostor’s Guide to Tooting Your Own Horn

Look, this is exactly the problem I want to talk about. I must write a compelling abstract telling you why you should come to my talk. But there’s a tiny little monster in my ear telling me I’m a rubbish speaker, my talk stinks and I shouldn’t even try. See my conundrum? The monster is called impostor syndrome and many smart, accomplished, high-achieving people suffer from it and are held back in their careers because of it. But not all is lost: Here I am, telling you you should absolutely listen, because I have tips and tricks for dealing with it, and I’d like to share them with you!