Simon Stewart
Selenium Project Lead (UK)


Simon is the lead of the Selenium project, and has been for a very long time. He created WebDriver, is the co-editor of the W3C WebDriver spec, and lives in London with his family and dog.
Presentation: Selenium 4 and Testing


Selenium 4 is here! Although this was designed as a “drop-in” replacement for Selenium 3, there are new features that you may not be familiar with, which have been designed to make your tests more flexible and capable. In this talk, you’ll see demos of some of them, including the ability to intercept and modify network requests, and the incredibly useful “relative” locators. You’ll also learn how to avoid some common problems and pitfalls when migrating your tests to Selenium 4.


Of course, Selenium is just part of the testing puzzle, so in this talk we’ll also discuss where it can fit into your overall testing strategy, and how we create fast feedback loops to make writing and testing software more enjoyable. Part of those fast feedback loops will be using parallelisation to run your Selenium tests as quickly as possible. To help with this, you’ll also learn about the new Selenium Grid, and how you can use this to test with browsers installed on your local machine as well as through Docker containers.