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Software consultant company Sigma Technology Hungary is testing the Puli Water Snooper before an approaching NASA mission


Puli Space Technologies is a space industry development company founded in 2010 that designs and manufactures cost-efficient payloads to help explore the Moon.

One of their innovations is a neutron spectrometer called Puli Lunar Water Snooper – a device used for water exploration in harsh environments, such as space.

Sigma Technology develops testing frameworks for unique and special equipment and software. Testing of space technology is a true creative engineering challenge. Sigma Technology is proud to have the opportunity to test Puli’s Lunar Water Snooper that won a NASA award and became a part of NASA’s mission to the Moon. The Water Snooper can obtain valuable information about the composition and water content of Moon soil.


Sigma Technology Hungary is actively participating in the development of new patents and standards, mainly in 5G communications, data security, AI and space technologies.