Shweta Sharma
Axelerant Technologies (IN)


Shweta Sharma works as a Director of Quality Assurance Services at Axelerant Technologies Pvt. Ltd. She has been working in the tech industry for over 13 years with experiences in various domains. Her special skills include setting up QA practices, architecting test automation solutions, coaching and mentoring the QA team. She likes sharing her knowledge with the community via blogs, talks and GitHub repositories. Off work, you will find her either on a road trip with her family or binge watching stand-up comedy or improving her level on an Indian classical dance form called Kathak.
Presentation: Advanced automated visual validation testing


In this era of Digital transformation, clients have been demanding shorter and quicker releases. Shorter and quicker releases mean your team should not only be able to develop them at the required pace but also test and release them at a sustainable pace. User interface plays an important role in the client’s business and there are organisations that release new features, fancy CSS regularly that support multiple browsers, multiple Operating systems, mobile devices. Verifying the frontend on this browser/device/OS matrix by humans is not only extremely time consuming but also prone to human errors. In fact, testing by humans should primarily focus on discovery leaving the repetitive and error-prone tasks to tools. Hence, automating Visual tests is becoming less of an optional activity and more of a must-have activity within the team. Ensuring visually perfect user experiences is equally important as to have the functionality working.