Sanne Visser
Capgemini (NL)


Sanne Visser works as a test manager and quality lead at Capgemini in the Netherlands. With over a decade of experience in software testing, she has worked on diverse projects ranging from insurance systems to railway software solutions. Her main technical expertise lies in end-to-end (E2E) testing of complex software systems. Sanne is an active member of the software testing community, running a you tube channel, open space conference and mentoring fellow testers. As a part-time stoic, she enjoys discussing resilience and stoicism with her teams. Her guiding principle is, "Every effort is beautiful, you are what you do every day".

About the Presentation

Decide Like a Pro: Navigate the Time-Quality-Cost Trifecta


The common advice for the trifecta is ‘Pick any two’, implying that you can’t have it all. This is something I often encounter in business and testing, and it shapes my decisions.

Consider a situation where timely delivery is more important than extensive testing. Do you work longer hours to meet the deadline? Or what about when you need to prioritize tasks? You may choose to tackle the most challenging task first, but find yourself stuck. Do you persist or switch tasks?

The decision-making process quickly becomes a complex blend of choices, reasons, and circumstances.

An ongoing balancing act exists between time, money, and quality, and it’s always up to you to make the decisions.

In my opinion, the solution lies in a combination of applying decision-making theory research and understanding our sphere of influence. This means learning what is within our control and what isn’t. However, there may be instances when the choices seem equal, or it’s impossible to determine which option is better. What then?

In such situations, we discover who we are and what we stand for. After all, when your values are clear, decision-making becomes simpler.