Raphael Roems
Redstor (SA)


Raphael Roems is from Cape Town, South Africa, and has been in the IT industry for the past 18 years, of which 12 years have been specifically in software testing. He has held technical and leadership roles across a variety of industries, most recently as Quality Assurance Lead in the cloud backup and data protection space at Redstor. Has a keen interest in implementing test automation, mentoring, and exploring new technologies.

About the Presentation

Load testing websites following the steps of a user journey
Session Speech


Implementing load testing as part of an organisation’s software development process assists in identifying performance related shortcomings. In the case of customer facing websites, by following the principles of a user journey (users following different journeys or paths as part of website navigation), incorporating these as part of load tests can assist in identifying issues. Raphael shares his experience with implementing this process.