Rakhee Shah
Expleo (UK)


Rakhee Shah is a senior consultant at Expleo, where she currently works as a QA manager. Previous roles include tester, senior test analyst, test lead and working in agile team. She has 15 years’ experience in the software industry including over 10 years in Utilities industry. She holds a degree in Computer Science from De Montfort university and a MSc in Bioinformatics from Brunel University, London. She has a passion for travel and has been to over 50 countries.
Critical thinking skills for testers
Full Day Tutorial


In this tutorial, you will learn critical thinking skills, how to recognise common thinking traps, plus how to avoid such traps. In addition, you learn techniques to help achieve the following: 

  • Create tests that have a greater chance of detecting a defect 
  • Create tests that are more diagnostic 
  • Leverage their own natural reasoning processes 
  • Avoid thinking in fixed patterns 
  • Maximise the useful information yielded from a test result 

Come to this session and develop your critical thinking skills!