Pricilla Bilavendran
Billennium IT Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. (MY)


Pricilla is a Passionate Test Engineer currently working with Billennium IT Services (M) Sdn - Malaysia, with more than a decade of experience in Quality Assurance. She has experience with different flavors of Testing like Functional, EDI, ETL, Automation, and API Testing. She is a Postman Supernova and speaks at various events regarding APIs and Postman. She has been associated with APIs for around three years, and the relationship grows stronger every day. She had a quest to know more about APIs to play the role of API Tester efficiently and never stopped exploring and playing around with APIs. She is passionate about Cloud computing and is an “AWS Community Builder”. She strongly advocates for diversity and inclusion and she is one of the global ambassadors of WomenTech Network. She is good at telling stories and conveying things in a simple, funny, and witty manner. She believes in coexistence and harmony. She is a certified mentor and helps many test engineers through her mentoring sessions. She is an active community contributor through her blogs, webinars, and workshops, and she adds that these are her lifelines during the COVID pandemic. Also, she loves to meet Software testers around the globe and to know more about testing and their culture. When she is not working, she loves to spend time with her family, watch movies together, and try multiple cuisines. She believes that everyone in this world is equally talented. She staunchly believes in Karma!
A twisted tale of a Languished Tester


“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” — Will Rogers

As testers, we might feel so demotivated. We might not invest time in learning new skills. By this time, our tasks seem boring? The application which you are testing is no more interesting? Not getting the expected promotion or hike? Are you feeling so “blah?. Some days you might even hate testing (or the work you do). You might feel like quitting a boring job. 

Does this resonate with you? Officially that’s termed “Languishing”. It is not a mental health condition. It’s just a temporary state of your mind. We are all victims here. This pandemic is having a great connection with the state of languishing. Creating awareness around this topic will help to reduce its effects. 

In this talk, let’s deep dive into some philosophies which will help us to identify our inner selves along with a few simple strategies that worked for me. Also, let’s take an oath to do regular health checks (oh, not medical check-ups). Monitor your mental health. See if the progress in the testing space is good enough. 

After all, every Tester deserves the best!

Key takeaways:

  • How to overcome the negativity in this current trend
  • Strategies to stay motivated and keep up the learning spirit
  • Gameplan to elevate the Testing career
  • How to get inspired and inspire other testers