Péter András Borbély
4iG (HU)


Peter works at 4iG Plc. as the head of test management since 10/2021. He is the strategic and operative leader of the company's test management. In his earlier career as a test manager, he was a great asset in the success of outstanding projects in banking and agriculture domains. Peter believes in continuous improvement of the testing organization, and this represents the backbone of his organizational vision and strategy.
Methodical challenges of software testing in hungarian governmental projects 


Although software development projects in the governmental area seem to be similar to any other domains, it has some specialties that can make it difficult to use any development methodology as it is. Sometimes reconsidering the entire testing methodology is required. 

In this session, we would like to share our 4iG experience and go through the aspects you should consider when choosing a development and testing methodology to close a governmental project successfully.