Olivér Dunai
Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions (HU)


Olivér Dunai has been with Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions for almost a decade. His first ever testing project was already in an agile environment. Besides testing he is leading his own people unit and since 2022 he is managing Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions’ site in Pécs, which employs nearly 700 people.
Deutsche Telekom IT & Solutions – The next generation


How can we best prepare the next generations of testers for the challenges of the changing job market? Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions’ Test School attempts to answer this questions. The recently launched trainee programme includes an 8-10 week academy with both external and internal trainers. But how is it different from any regular trainee programme? In addition to the professional materials and mentoring, interns participate in ongoing live projects, giving them first-hand professional experience and after a succesful quality gate, participants could join Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions as full time employees.