Okan Cakmak
Padran Information Technologies (TR)


Okan, a 20-year veteran in software quality, is the founder of Padran Inc. His expertise spans test processes, lifecycle management, and more. As an ISTQB instructor, he shares his knowledge passionately. Off-duty, he expresses his creativity through the clarinet.

About the Presentation

Maximizing Test Coverage with AI-Powered Test Automation
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In ‘Maximizing Test Coverage with AI-Powered Test Automation’, explore how Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes test automation, making it more efficient and effective. Learn how to integrate AI with existing frameworks to intelligently select and optimize test cases. Discover real-world applications, best practices, and the transformative impact of AI in various industries. Equip yourself with the knowledge to leverage AI in your own test automation efforts and be at the forefront of the evolving software testing landscape.