Michal Pilarski
Boeing (PL)


During his career, Michal has been always connected with geospatial data and GIS geoprocessing. He likes to find and overcome challenges in Testing Big Data with geometry attributes. He has experience in preparing the testing strategies for ETL systems that extract, transform and load massive geospatial data. His technology stack is related to Python, Pytest, GeoPandas, ArcGIS, QGIS, FME, Robot Framework. Additionally Michal teaches young students programming - Python in Minecraft and Scratch for Kids.

About the Tutorial

How to Transform From Manual to Automation Pythonic Tester using Scratch


This workshop aims to guide manual testers in transitioning to automation using Python, leveraging the friendly Scratch programming environment. Participants will explore the fundamentals of Pythonic testing strategies, discovering Scratch’s intuitive blocks to grasp automation concepts. Through hands-on practical exercises, attendees will learn to automate tests and execute them efficiently with generating readable reports using Python. Join us to discover how Scratch can serve as a stepping stone toward becoming Pythonic tester, empowering you to enhance effectiveness in software testing.

1. Problem: How to quick and efficiently transform from manual to automation tester?

2. Current State: Manual tests are not accurate and execution is time-consuming regarding to project needs.

3. Future State: Introduced test automation speed up test execution and checks cover more application functionalities

4. Standard Solution:
A) It is difficult for manual tester to start learning coding. For beginners, huge amount of code in editor with many functionalities could be complicated and slow-down learning progress
B) At the very beginning finding proper Test Framework which fit to project needs is difficult. Many solutions on the market could not help in selecting suitable technology.

5. Proposed Solution:
A) For manual tester starting coding adventure should be smooth. The comfort of becoming automation tester is provided by graphical programming as Scratch studio. Starting learning using blocks instead of raw lines seems to be more effective way. This approach is successfully applied by kids coding academies and even by universities to introduce students quickly to programming world. Additionally to accelerate learning path, all exercises should be performed in interesting project (game or animation).
B) In modern world choosing proper programming language and Test Framework seems to be huge challenge. PyTest is very popular testing tool which is still and still being developed with great community and valid documentation.

6. Who is receiver?
Manual Tester who wants to Automate Tests

7. Main value:
New basic skill – scripting in Python

8. ‘Wow’ effect:
• It is a kind of Magic: Scratch blocks transform into Python Code automatically
• It is Fantastic: Simple Animation is being steered with no keyboard interaction

9. Agenda:
• Scratch – Simple Animation
• Functional Manual Test Cases
• Python and Pycharm (IDE)
• Simple Animation from Scratch to Python
• Automated Functional Test Cases
• Test Reports
• Summary