Mesut Durukal
Indeed (JP)


Mesut has 15+ years of experience in Industrial Automation, IoT platforms, SaaS/PaaS and Cloud Services, the Defense Industry, Autonomous Mobile Robots, and Embedded and Software applications. Along with having proficiency in CMMI and Scrum & PMP experiences under his belt, he has taken various roles as (Quality Owner, Hiring Manager, and Chapter Lead) in multinational projects. He has expertise in test automation and integration to CI/CD platforms supporting continuous testing. Besides, he has been facilitating test processes and building the test strategy and lifecycle of the projects. He is a frequent international speaker, the best presentation award winner, and a various program committees member.

About the Tutorial

API Testing Adventures with Postman and Other Tools

The purpose of this workshop is to guide the audience about API testing. After discussing the basic working principles, several queries will be performed with the attendees’ contribution over different tools including browsers, the terminal, and Postman. Different API protocols like SOAP, REST, and GraphQL will be discussed and the request-response structures will be investigated. Once the theory is understood, several hands-on activities will be performed over Postman.

Testers are asked to perform quality checks on microservices, async modules, and several other systems that require API testing. In general, API Testing is crucial to cover most of the use scenarios since UI automation is expensive, flaky, and slow. It’s nowadays a must-to-know for building a decent test strategy. In this workshop, the fundamentals of API testing will be discussed with hands-on activities.

We will use some public APIs and build our queries from scratch. Everyone will work either independently or pair with another volunteer to work together to follow the steps I show. No specific docker/container or VM is needed, but bringing a PC is strongly advised. At the end, I will distribute the collection we make in the WS.

Anyone can take the workshop without prior knowledge, but only the very basic concept of APIs. Postman should be installed before the WS. An installation guide will be provided.