Mehmood Hasan
Techcredibles Ltd (UK)


Mehmood is the founder of Techcredibles – a UK-based consultancy for creating high performing teams & organisations. He specialises in coaching, mentoring and training product development and product management teams. Mehmood has over 20 years’ experience in IT and a proven track record for implementing successful change initiatives in Biotech, Financial Services & Information Services industries. For 17+ years in the industry, I've learnt that software quality needs a full-picture approach with efficient practices. My mission is to help teams start on the right foot with quality through early risk management and collaboration and guide them not to get lost in translation about quality and processes.
The Art and Science of Building Quality Products
Full Day Tutorial

How can you build quality products that deliver value to customers when users don’t know what they need and product development teams don’t know how long it takes to build things?

In this interactive hands-on tutorial, participants will learn a mix of soft-skills and industry recognised tools & techniques to understand user needs, create and implement optimal team structures based on context, and build products using streamlined product development methods in order to delight their customers.