Matthias Hamburg


Matthias Hamburg was born in Cluj, Romania. He graduated with a Ph.D. in mathematics and computer science in Germany. Since 1983, he worked as a consultant in the German IT industry. In 1997, he specialized in software testing and quality assurance, focusing on test design, test management, and test process improvement. Matthias is acting as the Glossary Working Group Chair both at ISTQB® and at GTB, and as the Product Owner of the ISTQB® Advanced Test Analyst syllabus.
The Religious War About Test Automation


As technology advances, success stories about test automation proliferate. On the other hand, protagonists of exploratory testing counter that only creative human work deserves the word “testing”. So, whom should we believe?

The author takes a closer look at the costs and benefits of automating dynamic testing activities. From automating test execution alone, he proceeds to test implementation and design.  Orientation is provided by the ISTQB syllabi and glossary. Finally, he addresses the controversial question of whether test automation is a new silver bullet or a delusion.