Márton Siska
Evosoft (HU)


Márton is currently working as a Test Coordinator at evosoft, managing the testers and test related processes for two software products within the same platform. His career in this field has started as a tester in an agile team five years ago. Since then, he is determined to learn and share as much as possible about the amazing world of testing.
The value of testing


In my opinion the value of testing is an evergreen topic in our field of work. In this career, without doubt, we will encounter questions about it. And these questions can be simple, “Why do we need testing?” and “Why do we even test?”.

 Or they can be complicated, “How much resources should we allocate for testing in our next project?” and “What would happen if we decreased the planned timeframe for the release testing phase and move a couple of testers to a different project before the beginning?”

 In my presentation I would like to show you a possible way to communicate our point of view, to answer these questions, and nevertheless, to convince any of our stakeholders about the value of testing!