Martijn Goossens
Xebia (NL)


Martijn has over 17 years of experience in the QA field. He started as an Agile QA automation engineer and has fulfilled various QA leadership roles for the past 8 years. Martijn is ISTQB and TMAP certified and is a frequent participant in QA meetups and conferences. In recent years he found the international conference stages where he is keen to share his experiences from the trenches. Follow his journey on LinkedIn:

About the Presentation

Become a performance test master – the non-technical side of things

Stress tests, load tests, spike tests, soak tests. Martijn has done them all, from setting up the test scripts to reporting the results and findings. While there is plenty of documentation around the technical side, in this talk Martijn will share with you his takeaways on running a successful test and analyzing the results.

He will explain each of three key indicators and give you the tools to spot a server in trouble and when it might be OK to end a test prematurely.