Martijn Goossens
Xebia (NL)


Martijn is celebrating 17 years in the QA field. He started as an Agile QA automation engineer, and has fulfilled various QA leadership roles for the past 6 years. Martijn is ISTQB and TMAP certified, and is a frequent participant in QA meetups and conferences. In recent years he found the international conference stages where he is keen to share his experiences in the trenches.

About the Presentation

How to use Example Mapping and 3 amigo sessions to shift left
Session Speech


As a trainer of BDD topics I see that many teams still struggle with getting quality requirements into their User Stories. In the past years we’ve all read and talked a lot about Shift-Left, but still teams struggle with how to apply this mindset.
To start to apply the idea of ‘Quality in, is Quality out’, I will present 2 easy methods that can be applied in any team to kickstart your journey towards Left:

  • Example mapping
  • 3 amigo sessions


In this presentation I want to share my knowledge and experiences of using these methods in teams and how they work and can be applied successfully in an existing Scrum process.
The talk will go through the following topics:

  • A brief overview of what Shift Left means, and how it leans on creating a shared responsibility for quality
  • An introduction of Example Mapping and its theory
  • The syntax of Example Mapping and some examples how to apply it
  • The workflow and best practices of Example Mapping
  • A brief introduction on what a 3 amigo session is
  • How to use a 3 amigo session and Example Mapping together
  • What the success factors are for applying 3 amigo sessions.


At the end we will cover how you can start to apply these techniques in your existing workflow and what are common obstacles for adopting these tools. Reference material will also be shared to look back at the learnings we cover, to take back to your team.