Martijn Goossens
Qxperts (NL)


Martijn has fulfilled various QA leadership roles for the past 5 years and is celebrating 15 years in the QA field. QA is still his passion and he is a frequent participant in QA meetups and conferences. Other passions include music, good food and travel, so he is excited to take the stage in Budapest for the first time. Find him on LinkedIn to connect and follow his journey.
Transforming a FinTech startup to fit in a multinational corporation


Can you set up a QA strategy to mature the testing process while the development teams move from a monolith to a microservices approach? That was my assignment as the QA lead for a corporate acquired startup. How do you assure consistent delivery, while growing the local teams, integrating with existing off-shore teams and also improving your test automation to match this strategy?

In this talk, I will show how to form a QA strategy around such an ambitious end goal.