Marta Firlej


Marta Firlej has experience working in various IT companies, usually in positions focused on quality assurance. Throughout her career, she worked for different industries such as finance, healthcare, edutech, etc. With over 10 years of experience as a people leader, she successfully managed to establish new teams, grow leaders, and build competencies. She is an idea owner and organizer of test:fest conference. She supports testing community in Poland. She loves food, cycling, and people.

About the Presentation

Confessions of a First-Time Engineering Manager
Session Speech


I strongly believe the position I’ll be working in five years doesn’t exist yet. Five years ago, I had no idea about the Engineering Management role I’ve been fulfilling for the past two and a half years.
This talk delves into the experiences of a former Software Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer who transitioned into an Engineering Manager (EM) role at a product company. It offers a unique perspective for testers considering their career path and explores the natural fit of an EM position for those with a testing background.

I’ll share insights into the responsibilities, expectations, and skillsets required for an Engineering Manager role. We’ll discover why a testing background can be a valuable asset for aspiring EMs.

I’ll also discuss the challenges I faced and what you’ll need to be prepared for, along with the impact I was able to achieve in this role.

Finally, I’ll share some insights about why I ultimately decided to move on.