Maroš Kutschy
Ness (SK)


Maroš Kutschy is Technical Lead - QA at Ness, Košice, Slovakia. His hobby is automation testing, he is specialized in Java Selenium Cucumber framework. He is the creator of Jasecu Automation Framework: . He likes coaching and helping people to enter the world of testing, this year he was speaking at 'Testing United' conference in Prague and 'Nordic Testing Days' conference in Tallinn. He likes self-improvement books and exercising in the gym.
Stoic Automation Testing


In my speech I will connect philosophy and IT. I will talk about how to use stoic principles during automation testing. I will explain how to use stoic philosophy during daily work of automation QA engineers on real examples, share my opinion that stoic philosophy isn’t just boring ancient theory which we know from school subjects, but real self-development program which can be applied in modern life and in IT sphere for example in automation testing.