Marina Ernst
Sdui (DE)


Marina is a quality assurance engineer at Sdui, PhD student, and a former start-up founder. She holds a Master's degree in Web Science and has over 5 years of industry experience, 2 of which she dedicated to building the quality assurance system from scratch in one of the fastest-growing ed-tech companies in Germany. She is truly passionate about Quality and willing to share her insights with others to promote a Quality Assurance culture for start-ups.

About the Presentation

Establishing Quality Assurance in Startup environment
Session Speech


In the last couple of years, we all witnessed the rise of Start-Ups. They are driving innovations, but bringing high uncertainty, short planning horizon, and lack of time and resources along.  

In such an environment, the conventional systematic approach for software testing is powerless, but the quality aspect is even more critical. So how do we ensure quality with minimal resources and without slowing down the delivery? The presentation answers this question with first-hand experience.