Manoj Kumar
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Manoj is a Vice President, leading LambdaTest's Developer Relations and Open-Source Office. He enjoys exploring the entire software development lifecycle and is especially interested in solving problems in Software Quality, Digital transformation, Human-computer Interaction, and Cloud Computing spaces, having worked in enterprises, Fintech, and early-stage startups for over 14 years. Notably, Manoj is a contributor to the Selenium project and is also a member of the project leadership committee for Selenium. He genuinely believes that sharing knowledge and experiences would strengthen our community. He is a member of the ACM and IEEE Computer Society and has given keynote addresses and technical talks at numerous international conferences on software engineering and testing in over 12+ countries. Manoj has previously worked at and been a part of digital transformation programs at leading companies like Thoughtworks, Wipro, and IAG, among others.
Getting started with Test Automation: Using Selenium 4
Full Day Tutorial


Exploratory testing is an important part of the software testing process, but taking the next step and incorporating test automation can be a challenge for many testers. This full-day hands-on workshop is designed for QAs (beginners) who want to begin their automation journey. Attendees will start by learning the reasons why test automation is important and move on to learning how to find elements on the webpage and then implement automation with coding samples.

This workshop is a perfect fit for you if you meet any of the following criteria:

Are you looking to start automating tests for your web applications using Selenium WebDriver but don’t know how to begin?

Do you have a basic understanding of Selenium but didn’t get a chance to ensemble with a group?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop will provide you with the resources and knowledge needed to achieve your goals.

NOTE: The pre-requisites for the workshop will be sent and asked a few days before the workshop and choose a programming language based on the majority asks from participants.

About the Presentation

The Ultimate Practical Guide to Accessibility Testing
Session Speech


Digital transformation is now the holy grail of IT organisations. However, most companies are striving towards engineering excellence with processes like the Continuous Delivery process and often forget about the usability and Accessibility factor, which has to be given utmost importance early in the cycle. Because the applications/ products that we build should be accessible to all.

“Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility” – We all need to understand that Accessibility isn’t “someone else’s job”. In this talk, Manoj intends to share some practical examples of baking Accessibility during your agile software development cycle and advocates striving for engineering excellence with empathy. This talk will include basics like the need for Accessibility, followed by some practical, simple ways to find Accessibility flaws and, this will enrich the level of confidence to have some meaningful conversation about pushing for an Accessibility mindset at their workplace and how to take it forward by baking in the accessibility at part of your Agile process from planning stages to production stages.

This talk will share practical insights on how to bring in the Accessibility mindset within teams and highlight tools and processes in the Accessibility ecosystem to implement during product development,

Where to start with Accessibility?
Can we add Accessibility to the Definition of Done?
What audit tools to use in the software dev lifecycle
How organizational transformation on Accessibility initiative can be done to promote the Accessibility thought process.