Manoj Kumar
LambdaTest (IN)


Manoj is VP-Developer Relations at LambdaTest. He was previously a Principal Technologist and has led various digital transformation programs as a consultant at Thoughtworks, Wipro, and IAG to name a few. He is an open-source enthusiast and has contributed to various libraries in the quality ecosystem. Notably, Manoj is a contributor to the Selenium project and is also a member of the project leadership committee for Selenium. He is an Appium committer too. Manoj is passionate about sharing knowledge and has delivered keynote sessions at Selenium Conference, STeP-IN, and SLASSCOM apart from other technical talks around the world. Manoj is an avid accessibility practitioner and also a voluntary member of the W3C ACT-R group.
Deep-dive with Selenium 4.0 – Full Day Tutorial


Selenium 4 is here! Already using Selenium and want to get more out of your framework? This practical, hands-on, workshop is designed to help automation engineers with all levels of experience. All attendees will leave with working WebDriver code on their machines and a long list of techniques on how they can successfully use the new Selenium 4.0 WebDriver API. Selenium.40 was designed as a “drop-in” replacement for Selenium 3, there are new features that you may not be familiar with, which have been designed to make your tests more flexible and capable, and observable. Come join us to learn all about Selenium 4.x

About the Presentation

Orchestrating automation tests for Continuous testing – Session Speech


In the modern environment, delivering innovative products in a fast and reliable manner is extremely significant for any organization. The industry needs to respond better to the current market requirements. Faster time to market for new initiatives and products that support customer interaction is a necessity.

The transition to cloud platforms has given enterprises benefits such as agility, scalability, and lower capital costs but the application lifecycle management practices are still trying to catch up with this disruptive change. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous delivery (CD) have emerged as a boon for traditional application development and release management practices to provide the capability to release quality products continuously to customers with continuously integrated feedback. 

Developers are  already  familiar with Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment (the 3Cs), however, to make these 3Cs possible, we need a fourth C, namely Continuous Testing (a.k.a Test Automation.) In modern continuous integration and deployment environments, each change requires a set of tests to be run.  Furthermore, as each test finishes, new information is available which could be used to reprioritize tests, find code culprits, get analytics and much more..

So an effective framework for orchestrating automated tests at scale is the need of the hour  to accelerate releases while still keeping an eye on quality. Come join Manoj as he will cover the top continuous testing challenges and effective ways to manage tests at scale. This talk is based on practical examples that include key challenges around:

  1. Choosing the right tool/framework
  2. Deciding on what to automate?
  3. Flaky tests
  4. Test Environments
  5. Distributed testing on a remote machine
  6. Capturing Observability metrics

This talk will cover some intermediate to advanced usage of tools like Selenium, Docker, Kubernetes, Grafana/Kibana, LambdaTest HyperExecute, and a few other oss libraries.