Bronz Partner of HUSTEF 2022


L&P Solutions focuses on IT consulting and the development of customized IT solutions. In the course of our work, we successfully undertake the implementation of complex projects ranging from business consulting to system implementation, accordingly, our projects are very diverse in terms of their topic, size or complexity.

Based on the experience of our consulting team, we design and build our solutions in such a way that they provide tangible business results to our clients. The strength of L&P Solutions is to understand and support business needs and then design and develop an IT solution that meets business expectations and the framework set by the local IT environment. For IT areas, we deliver a specification that meets the expectations of the business and is feasible, as well as a system that fits into the existing environment. We support business areas – knowing the possibilities of implementation – in fulfilling and articulating their needs, while taking the burden of thinking in “bits” off their feet.

The operational scope of the IT consulting and development services of L&P Solutions, building on the professional background and references of the team, consists of the following activities:


  • Manage and leverage enterprise data assets
  • Design and implementation of CRM solutions that deliver real business results
  • Development and automation of support for operational business processes, workflow solutions
  • IT developments, workforce provision, compilation of development teams
  • Software testing, quality assurance & information security consultancy