Levente Németh


Levente Nemeth is an Automation Solution Architect at Nokia. His main professional focus is to design automated solutions addressing challenging customer use cases. In the past 14 years he developed a composition of technical and leadership skills by previously acting in various QA and test automation related roles as well as spending 8 years in team leading and R&D management. Levente is not only passionate about automation but IOT as well. As part of his hobby, he developed solid knowledge in smarthome systems and home automation by wiring up almost everything in his own house (and by this making his wife go crazy sometimes).
5 benefits of 5G


Are we all gonna die because of 5G radio waves? Well, not. Indeed, this presentation brings 5 practical examples how 5G mobile technology will help to improve the quality of our life in several domains such as transportation, agriculture or manufacture. Join our session to discover the endless possibilities of 5G technology!